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I wanna be a kennedy

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[08 Nov 2011|01:46am]
[ mood | discontent ]

foamy like rant, waffle, blah blahCollapse )

life organising team.... GO!

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Happy whatever public holiday it is day! [06 Jun 2011|03:56am]
So it's a public holiday, and here I am at work, on a lovely night shift. I have had good coworkers and good patients and I have the time to be sitting on the interwebs, and I'm getting paid a nice amoutn, so it's all good really. No idea what this public holiday is tho. Clueless.

So life update times. Let's see. Just finished my exams. A whole two, how stressful, not really. Chemistry I should have studied more for, but in my infinite procrastination, I did not. I am sure I passed, but I am not expecting more than a say 70%. Biology I did a bit of study for, and I think I did really well in. Like I really hope I got more than 85%. So now I have almost 2 whole months off. I plan to do motorbike things, clean up the garden, do some training with Dewey who is turning into an adolescent shithead, and maybe go driving down south and get lost in a forest for a few days. Or maybe a warm hostel.

I am not seeing anyone. I don't think. I was sort of maybe seeing this dude, but then he was all oh I just want to be single, blah blah, I am an emotional black hole, so we're still seeing each other randomly but it's all casual and I dunno, a bit meh really. I met a chick the other night and she seems really cool, but we haven't had a chance to hang out with just us yet, so not sure where that will go. Super cute, but the first time we met it was super loud and she was drunk (don't judge me!), and then today I went around but her friend was there also so I couldn't really do the let's ask each other a shitload of questions thing. So yeah. She lives like a 30 min drive away tho :S Argh.

I am trying to make myself find some volunteer work so I can try to smash through 40 hours and get it on my academic transcript for uni. I have been in touch with a wildlife centre near my house which is mostly for education purposes, and just online booked myself in for some weeding and planting tomorrow (what was I thinking?!) with CVA who are great, at a tortoise rehab site, and then... I dunno, maybe should start visiting a rehab centre regularly. Except I fail at regular shifts happening. Hrmm.

I'm only doing 1 unit at uni next semester, statistics. I have a lot of trouble with it, so I'm thinking of getting myself a tutor, or making myself go to a help class every week. I'm even going to buy the text book (gasp!). So I might work a little bit more, but I think I need to budget my $ a little better if I want to get rid of this debt soon. I want a holiday but I can't remotely save for one now I have this bloody car loan on top of my credit card. Doooooh. So uh, maybe Janey only gets like $50 for booze a week or something. Which is like, a lot really. Ok maybe $50 a fortnight. Maybe I need to stop automatically thinking I feel shit, I'll feel better if I buy something, let's buy a book/hat/top/dvd/dogtoy/hat etc. My housemate buys a lot of stuff on ebay and etsy and that's cool but that's all she really spends money on, and I started doing it too and it's bad!!! But she gets so happy when she gets her lil parcels, I wanted that too.

Have been running, like really running! Like I'm going to do the 12km city to surf run in 12 weeks time! Miss Dina got me to join this little blog called www.dailymile.com , it's like a simple little blog type site where you can put in your exercise workouts, run swim cycle or whatever reps etc you did, and it can keep track of distance, time, hr, calories, all that. Really cool, and you can read each others things and comment and say nice supportive things to each other. Everyone's lovely! Downloaded a training plan and going to start tomorrow. Today. Going to make up a proper "daily planner" type thing for myself and try to stick to it for a week and see how much time and money I can save by really anal retentively planning shit out. I think if I can get myself into gear over the holidays I might be a bit better behaved by next semester. Hrmm. That's the plan. HAH. Planning a plan. I am ridiculous.

Errrrr what else. Wanting to organise some suspensions over these holidays too. Before the weather turns too horrid. I think I will just ahve to suck it up and scope out some parks, or start driving round to the houses of everyone I know and investigating their backyard tree situations. It's the best way of doing it... backyards are awesome. No carting shit out into the bush, bathrooms on site, rooms to separate people, shade, respite from bugs/weather, parking, legal...

Ok I think I may actually try to sleep a little. Woah. Spooky.

I'm going back through many pages of posts, but please, comment and update me on your lives!


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Yaaaawwwwwnnn. [22 Apr 2011|06:30am]
Another overnight work post. I wasn't meant to work this shift, but someone called in sick, and it meant I got out of tomorrow/today's 12 hour day shift, and I hate day shifts, so I just leapt at the chance to work for 12 hours after being at uni for 10. Woooot! I'm getting nice pay for it.

But a few hours ago I got what is I think my worst animal bite ever. I've had worse injuries at work - I think the time I gave myself a black eye with a wrench takes the cake - and I've been mauled before by bigger scarier things. But fuuuuck, this cat bit my finger so deep I think it's teeth actually closed and touched each other, inside my finger. It swelled up super fast, throbbing like a foot that's been run over, and it's been oozing blood and lymph for the past few hours. I took some nurofen straight away and iced it for about 20 minutes, so it's been fairly okay wrapped up in a post surgical bandage... but I bet that when I wake up in the afternoon it's going to feel like a massive club of pain.

I cleaned it with betadine, wasn't brave enough to spray it with alcohol because it's so deep. So I know I have to go to the dr's today and get some antibiotics and probably another tetanus shot.. but it's a public holiday and I'm going to have to pay heaps! So very tempted to just scam some animal antibiotics from work. The cat wasn't too feral at least, as in likely to be diseased. Poor cat was just trying to stay alive, I don't blame it... but owwwww.

In other news! Uni is crazy busy, I'm only doing 2 units and I cannot fathom how anyone could do more. But I guess other people don't also work 30 hours a week and have a dog and try to see a million music gigs. But I'm enjoying it immensely for the most part.

I possibly may be seeing a boy. Not sure yet. We have had 1 date and some smooches. I like him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me, and we have real conversations, so I don't think it's progressing towards a just casual thing. We only have a couple of friends in common, and I don't know them that well, so it's like hanging out with an alien almost. So many pop culture and event and just people references he doesn't get! But that's fun too, learning new stuff, hearing different opinions. He's pretty damn cute too. And a plain skin... zomg!!! The potential! *rubs hands like Dr Evil* Has car and degree and still lives with parents but can't really judge on that front and plays in band and has good music and tv show taste. Except he doesn't like Black Books or Reel Big Fish. ALMOST DEAL BREAKERS. But not quite. So! We shall see what progresses.

And we have a new housemate and she's rad and Dewey has a playmate and they love each other and exhaust each other and I don't feel bad for not walking him heaps every day and yaaaaaaaaaaay no awkward house times. Plumber found a beer can down our shower drain today tho - what the fuck?! I reckon someone got drunk and had a few tinnies in the bath one time. I bet it was an emu export can.

Tell me things about you.

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[23 Nov 2010|01:02pm]
Fuck you every band on the BDO 2011 lineup for not doing a single Perth side show.

Fuck you credit card interest.

Thank you Shihad for doing 3 shows in Perth this weekend.

Thank you awesome friends for letting me stay with you on my upcoming holiday and not have to fork out for cramped hostel accommodation!

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[23 Oct 2010|04:29am]
[ mood | sore ]

It's 4.21am, I've been feeding (and toileting) 10 puppies every 2 hours, and I am brain dead.

:. meme time!Collapse )

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[05 Oct 2010|05:27am]
LJ to recommend: pushba.

Gorgeous Russian Goth lady, I found out about her via Offbeat Mama, she has a beautiful daughter and awesome husband. There are plenty of photos on her lj, but the text is all in Russian so I have no idea what she's saying!

But worth reading just for all the pretty photos.

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Where to put me? [10 Sep 2010|05:48pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Amongst the punks, I'm not alcoholic and hardcore enough. I don't wear enough makeup for the girls, high enough heels, or ogle them in their bands enough for the boys.

Amongst the mod kids, I don't have enough ink, or work in a piercing or tattoo studio, or wear the right retro clothes.

Amongst the vanillas, I don't drink wine or listen to the right commercial radio station. I don't drive the right car, or have a fiance or husband.

Amongst the students, I earn too much money, don't drink in the tav enough, and I hand in my assignments too neat.

Amongst the worker bees, I don't own a house yet, watch the right tv shows, or talk about the football score. I do things way too strange on my nights off.

Amongst the musicians, I'm not in a band or boning someone in a band.

Amongst my friends... oh thank fuck, I can actually be liked for my whole self. Animal loving, moderate amount of mods having, cider drinking, jeans and tshirt wearing, vegan cooking, dnb dancing, ocd cleaning, night shift working, self.

Thanks friends! I hope you know that I love you for your whole selves too.

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[02 Aug 2010|06:08pm]
Just found the darkest most purple heinous looking bruise on my lower back, just below my belt line, above my butt. It's been sore all day but I don't remember injuring myself so I never looked at it til I just got changed in front of the mirror. Holy shit, what did I do to myself? It's like I've been hit with a hammer. Very confused. Do I sleep walk now?

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[29 Jul 2010|11:39am]
Do not enjoy losing $245 from a very stressful week's pay to the tax man.

Better get a nice fucking tax return this year.

*grumble grumble grumble*

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[15 Jul 2010|06:13pm]
[ mood | content ]

- plumbing fixed! toilet working! wooooo!
- went to bunnings and spent some of my birthday voucher, we now have a heap of new tiny plants, including some venus fly traps!
- making mix cds is so much fun
- work is going well, money is good, night shifts suit me so much better
- puppy is learning to stay and drop
- looking at houses to move in october, some nice ones

off to rock climbing!

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[07 Jul 2010|11:32am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

fuck yeah!

first university unit ever, and I got a High Distinction! 82% overall! and 83% for my final exam!

this makes me feel much better about dropping 3 other units and being only part time.

now, do I think I can get another HD for my statistics unit this coming semester? hrrmmm....

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Where soul meets body [03 Jul 2010|01:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I need some people with passion in my life. Not to say that you are all without enthusiasm... I'm just over apathy. So so so over it. If you don't care, then seriously, crawl into a cave and get the fuck out of my way. I'm sick of being dragged down with you. I'm sick of being slowed down because you won't move forward with me.

Joy. Is essential. And you have to make it happen yourself.

I have a job which I do love, now that things are suited to me better. I have the most amazingly beautiful puppy that I have been able to rescue and help shape into a healthy sociable dog to light up the faces of everyone he meets. I live in a climate that gives me lots of sunshine, and close to the ocean that I adore. I listen to lots of rad music and am always finding more. I am studying to be able to help nourish and heal my planet.

I want to live where soul meets body
And let the sun wrap its arms around me
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing
And feel, feel what its like to be new

If I could choose to live inside a video clip I think it would be this one.

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Possibly the freakiest story I have of being a vet nurse so far [02 Jul 2010|04:15pm]
A whelping bitch, bully staffy type mix I believe, rather large, came into my work. She had given birth to some puppies at home, eaten them, and then ceased producing pups. Not common for dogs to eat their own young, but it does happen, often with bitches that are inexperienced. Some people aren't meant to be mothers - some dogs aren't either.

A quick xray showed us the 5 puppies still in her uterus.

It also showed us the 3 dead puppies in her stomach. Literally inches away from each other.

She had a caesarian and was not allowed anywhere near those puppies.

Seriously wish I had thought to sneakily get a copy of that xray.

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It's not a good week for guts [15 Jun 2010|10:01am]
I have the snotty sneezy coughy flu. Sunday morning Richard hurls. Yesterday they're ok and I'm feeling a bit better. This morning Dewey chucks up some grass and liquid puppy food, and I freak the fuck out. He continues to make loud belly noises and sore sorry for himself grunts for the next 2 hours while I don't sleep a wink. I consider all the ways he could have contracted parvo at work, and how horrible his death will be because of my negligence. Then Richard isn't feeling too well either. And when I go to wash all the puppy laundry (pee and vomit) I begin to feel a little nauseated myself.

Despite the fact that puppy is being his normal insanely hyperactive self, has normal poop, and a normal temperature.... I'm petrified! And yes I have also checked on my boyfriend, but I am a little less worried about his mortality as he has a fully developed immune system and has not been exposed to a very contagious and deadly virus recently.

Burden of knowledge is uncool.

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001.omfg [10 Jun 2010|05:55pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I was excited about working the public holiday, because yaaaay more monies. Then cunterlink says I owe them $650, because they're fuckwits who didn't state the conditions of their lump sum payment, and thus I didn't question it, and of course SPENT THE MONEY, but then 2 months after the payment they noticed that I wasn't fulfilling the conditions (the ones I hadn't been told about, the ones I HAD been told about I had fulfilled), and so they say I have to pay it back. And since I kinda sorta lied about who I am living with, I can't risk going through the appeals process, in case I get found out and owe a whole lot more than that one lump sum. Fuckers. If they didn't make it so hard to live whilst studying, I wouldn't have had to lie. If they just put ONE MORE SENTENCE in the letter with the conditions, I would have returned the payment. I did actually think at the time "this is weird, surely they'll want this back now that I've dropped back to part time? oh wait here's a summary letter, nope nothing mentioned, ok, I need food so I'm going to spend the money". Also, wtf, 'start up scholarship payment' in like week 9 of semester? what the fuck am I going to use that for? Certainly not 'start up' things like books or lab coats, because I HAD TO BUY THEM IN WEEK 1. Not fucking week 9. So. I made a complaint, and they said "we didn't want to put all the conditions in the letter because people say we overwhelm them with too much information". Fuckwits. I would so appeal this and make a big noise if I hadn't made that teensy weensy lie. Grrrrr. So nearly all my public holiday paycheque money is going on that payment. And the rest will go on fixing my car. And paying off my bike.

Sometimes I sit here and realise how that in order to get my life to the point where I want, entirely change how I exist, I have to live the exact opposite way. You gotta play the game to escape the game and make a new world. Seriously sucks balls.

In other more happy news. WE HAS A PUPPY! If you haven't already seen him on my iam/fb/tumblr, then this is Dewey. Dewey Decimal, friend to librarians everywhere. He was dumped in a cardboard box outside my work at like 6am. When it is still dark and like 4 degrees out! Poor baby, he's only like 7 weeks old, he had a nasty facial wound which needed like 12 stitches and a drain, and he has a fractured femur. No idea what happened to him, perhaps fell off a ute and onto some slicey dicey metal? Was thrown? No other injuries so not likely to be hit by car. He's a tough lil dude and I took him home to escape the mass of sick puppies at work, and well now I'm in love with him, carrying around the whinging lil staffy sucker like a baby. Mum suggested I get a baby sling. I have taken to putting him inside my hoodie and sneaking into libraries with him. We're hoping like all fuck that his leg heals ok on it's own, growth plates are fine and it develops normally, and that his hips are ok. If that doesn't happen, options become slim, because I don't got like $8k for specialist orthopaedic surgery. Also... not actually technically supposed to have pets here, and he's noisier than ratties, so also crossing digits that he doesn't piss of the neighbours and they dob us in.

Here are some photos. Be warned, you may die. Dewey DecimalCollapse )

Basically I'd just be super pissy about money and everyone going overseas and the weather, but this bundle of cuteness is keeping me sane. The original plan was to foster him, but I'm hoping against hope that we can find a bigger place with pets allowed come October when the lease is up, and we can keep him.

(and everyone's invited)

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [11 May 2010|12:34pm]
Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

I named my parents white station wagon Roger Rabbit. My scooter was called Scooty Puff. My first car the old Falcon was called The Big Blue Beast. My current car is a daewoo and I call it the Dagwood Dog. And my motorbike is called Sofia, after the Bif Naked song.

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SHIT YEAH SUPER TURTLE!!! [01 May 2010|11:09am]
[ mood | excited ]

During the night of the 19/11/09, one flatback deposited 41 eggs and
then suffered a third degree prolapse of the uterus, where the organ was deposited on top of the eggs. It
was subsequently removed from the nest to prevent any bacterial infestation of the nest environment during
While the prognosis for the turtle at the time was not good as she was disoriented and trailing some blood
upon return to the sea, most curiously she was seen 16 nights later on the beach attempting to nest again.
Recorded as a false crawl lasting some two hours, this turtle was not sighted again during the program,
however her final nest where the uterus was prolapsed resulted in a 72% hatch success rate upon

This was on a night I was patrolling. I didn't see the turtle prolapse, but the other group did, and it was incredibly distressing. We were convinced she wasn't going to make it - any animal I've ever seen do this does not survive without emergency surgery. I can only imagine that she survived because she is a dinosaur, and the cloaca is quite closed in so she must have just clotted like a mofo. She'll never be able to have babies again seeing as she left her innards behind, but I'm so happy that she's trying anyway!

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[21 Apr 2010|10:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Ferris Bueller disappeared on the wkend.

FYI Ferris is/was one of our ratties. We've had him and Alex Mack for about 2 months now. They have an open cage and lots of boxes and tunnels and hidey holes in the bathroom. The bathroom doorwary is blocked off by a big piece of wood that we step over. It is too high for them to jump and they could not squeeze around it or move it. And yet somehow, he has disappeared. Sunday morning I went to put them in their cage for the day, as we had a heap of people coming over. And he was nowhere to be found.

What's really weird is that Alex is the one that climbs the shower wall and leaps around like a nutter, and yet Ferris is the one who has escaped. We turned the house inside out, made 'traps' of cheese in boxes in hidey places so we could see if he'd been loitering somewhere. But nothing, not a nibble, not even a trail or single poop. I think he must have gotten out, hidden somewhere, and then zoomed out a door. I don't think ratties are too good at finding their way back, and with the amount of cats dogs birds cars and people around here, I don't think he'd have much chance of survival. Poor lil dude was only like 3 months old :(. I feel hideously guilty, I just don't know how he could have gotten out of the bathroom, let alone out of the house, without us noticing. I'm slightly worried he's crawled some super epic hiding spot we didn't find, and has died, and we're going to smell him in a few days. Morbid I know.

So Richard went and got another lil friend, cos we feel bad for poor Alex being on her own. But the new lil fella, Erwin Schrodinger (yep, Schrodinger's rat) is very tiny. He's only 4 weeksish old, still has his ballies, soon to be lopped off, and he is about half Alex's size. Plus she is settled in and considers all the boxes and cages and bathroom surfaces her own, despite my cleaning to remove her scent. So for now she just wants to attack him. Not outright murder, but he can't really defend himself. So supervised play dates only for now, generally cut short and separated by the scruff. I think it will stay that way until he's big enough to hold his own and she's used to him. We're going to get a mega cage soon so that they can have lots of space and be totally secure all the time.

But he is super cute, and pretty adventurous already, despite his itty bittiness. I wish I could have bigger pets, but for now, this is good. *pats imaginary mastiff x rottie*

(and everyone's invited)

[09 Apr 2010|12:34pm]
Simple mortal, your pain is just beginning. Betrayal and agony lie in wait, and time - is running out, yet still you ignore the question....
The first portent will shake the earth. The second will burn the air. The last will turn the sky to blood...
Earthquake, fire, blood. Be heedful of the signs, human, and trouble the Loa no more.


With the arrival of Vincent Kartheiser, Angel turns to utter shite for a few seasons. But I forget how good it is right up to that point.

Hamburger wizards are awesome.

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The vet nurse's commandments for pet owners [02 Apr 2010|06:24pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

(Or, those of the person who has worked with animals and seen too many mistakes by others)

Thou shalt sterilise, microchip, register, insure, vaccinate, collar and tag thy pets, whether they roam indoors or outdoors.

Thou shalt not backyard breed.

Thou shalt lead and off lead train thy dogs.

Thou shalt not leave drugs in reach of pets. If this fails, thou shalt not lie to the vets about it, for they do not care about your habits, just about what happened to your poor pet.

Thou shalt not use rat poison or snail pellets or ant sand or cockroach baits.

Thou shalt lock the dog in the house whilst using chainsaws outside.

Thou shalt research the nutritional requirements of thy pets, and adhere too. Thou shalt never buy supermarket brand food.

Thou shalt not purchase exotic pets before finding out if there is a vet in the state that can actually treat them.

Thou shalt not leave the lid off the vivarium, not even for a quick second.

Thou shalt not research thy pet's symptoms on wikipedia before the consult and then argue with the vet who spent 7 years at university.

Thou shalt drag roadkill off the road after you hit it. Thou shalt check if it is alive or dead, take it to a vet clinic or call a ranger. Thou are allowed to lie and say that you found it, but thou are not allowed to leave it in the middle of the road to cause further accidents.


All of these have been hammered into my skull with technicolour images, surround sound, rail gripping terror, and always with having to stick my hands in the gutsy gooey parts. And there is never time to reach for gloves.

Not to say that I'll think badly of you if you choose to not do any of these things for your pet. But forgive me when I raise my eyebrows and you claim that it's just too difficult, and the bad thing could never happen to you. Because I truly have heard it too many times already, and I know how untrue it is. And you should have thought about ALL of these things before you decided to take on the responsibility of a pet.

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